It’s A Snap – Chapter 6

It’s A Snap

Chapter 6


Intolerant – A nice way of saying ‘ignorant‘. 

“Preposterous! Leave my office immediately.” 

“But sir, I’m just trying to understand…” I pleaded. 

“Understand this, Chance. What you claim contravenes a thousand years of established magical science. You can’t just do magic by imagining it and snapping your fingers. It requires careful calculation and application of mental energy. It has been proven over and over again. This finger snapping of yours is a crutch to get you over being unable to clear your mind by normal means. Underneath it all the calculations are being done in your mind whether you know it or not. What you are claiming is just impossible and if you don’t accept that, you will not make it in this school, do you hear me?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

I turned with my tail between my legs. That was George Thurgood, Assistant Dean for magical studies. I had gone all the way up the command line looking for someone who would listen, and no one would. Except Gerome. He couldn’t explain it but at least he didn’t get belligerent and blast me like I was some sort of heretic. 

I had even tried looking it up online. Except for crazy conspiracy people talking about some weirdo magical underground, there was nothing. 

“I don’t know what to do Gerome. No one believes me,” I said. 

“My policy is don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Just write down the answers they tell you, pass the tests and move on with your life when you graduate. That’s all that matters,” Gerome offered. 

“But what about my integrity? I know what I see and feel. There must be an explanation somewhere,” I countered. 

“All that matters is a diploma. Just do what you’re told and you’ll get that. There’s no need to rock the boat,” Gerome insisted. 

“You don’t get it Gerome, and maybe you never will!” 

I was suddenly angry. I can’t believe he refused to support me. His reaction to what I said was pretty heavy; for Gerome. 

He rocked back on his heels a bit and looked at me kind of shocked, with nothing to say. 

I stormed off towards my dorm, leaving Gerome alone on the walkway. 

When I got to my dorm all I could think about was my dilemma. I almost missed the letter sitting at my doorstep on the worn out welcome mat. I picked it up on the way in and slammed the door behind me. 

Lately the other students in my classes had taken to calling me ‘snappy’. It was fine at first but was getting annoying. I had suddenly gone from last in the class with no ability to being in the top. I lacked control but I was getting better. It all depended on clearly imagining what I wanted to happen. 

I felt bad about yelling at Gerome. I wasn’t really mad at him, I was mad at the situation. The fact that Elena wasn’t answering my calls didn’t help either. 

I did reach her once when I called her cell phone but it wasn’t very encouraging: 


“Elena! Finally I got a hold of you. I have something to tell you.” 


“Yeah, your boyfriend, remember? Is that music in the background?” 

“Yeah, I’m at Franny’s birthday party. Can I call you back? Now’s not a good time.” 


“Thanks sweetie. Talk to you later.” 

Needless to say, she never called. 

My attention came off of my personal life just long enough for me to remember the letter in my hands. 

It was different than any normal letter. In fancy script on the front it said: 

Chancemore M. Taylor 

No one called me by that name. Every legal record except my birth certificate listed me as Chance Taylor. That wasn’t the only strange thing though; the letter had one of those wax seals you see in those movies about the old medieval times. It depicted a falcon with its wings spread wide. It was grasping something, but I couldn’t make it out as the seal was already broken. Someone had opened this already. My roommate Phil wasn’t home yet so I don’t think it was him. 

I opened the envelope and removed the paper inside which was folded in thirds. 

It read: 


Mr. Taylor, 

                         I know the secret of why you cannot perform magic in the manner which your professors preach. 

                         Their dogma will soon become a bane to you. When you tire of it, seek me out; then your education will truly begin. 

                         Respectfully Yours, 

                         Professor Baird


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