Submitting Your Own Writing

 Writing @ The Auditorium is a place to read. It is also a place to be read; meaning that you post your own writing which is read by others.

It is a great way to get your writing out there and seen, at no cost to yourself.

It is completely free, and always will be.

The advancement of art starts with the support of new and beginning artists. The toughest barrier that new artists have is getting their work seen. It is my mission to make it easier.

I and my staff will take care of getting people to the site. The site, and staff working on the site, are supported by advertisements on the site itself. However, the ads will never be positioned in such a way as to detract from the writing itself.

Legal Stuff:

Any writing you submit belongs to you and will carry your own copyright notice. If you wish, it will also include your contact information for anyone who wishes to contact you further about your writing.

You carry the responsibility for taking the proper and legal copyright measures for your writing (depending on the laws of your country, and region). While I can promise that your writing will never be abused or plagiarised by myself or anyone affiliated with The Writing Blog, I cannot guarantee that visitors to the site won’t attempt to do so, which is why it is important that you take measures to legally protect your own artistic work. I, my staff and anyone affiliated with the site take no responsibility for any non-affiliated party or visitors who violate your copyrights as a result of your artistic work being posted on The Writing Blog.

The advertising income generated on this site is used to cover the costs of managing, hosting and promoting the site. Anything left over after that goes towards buying the free time for myself and the other staff of the site to continue managing and promoting it so your writing is seen by more people. While your writing is absolutely a vital part of this site, you will have no share of any advertising income generated as a result of any of your work that is posted on it.

If you would care to pitch in and lend a hand, that is another matter entirely. Advertising income generated by the site will be shared with those who want to help manage and promote it. However I won’t promise you that you will be making any kind of substantial income. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or any kind of multi level marketing scam. The purpose here is to get the word out about talented up-and-coming authors. Any advertising income generated by the site goes towards that purpose by increasing promotion to the site and buying the free time of those who help manage it so they can continue doing so. For more information about helping out, e-mail me at

This site also carries no guarantee of gaining notoriety for your writing. The popularity and eventual publishing of your work is entirely dependant upon you, and the quality of your work. There is no guarantee here, implied or otherwise, that you will get seen by a publisher, or published. There is no guarantee that your work will even be seen by anyone as a result of posting it on this site. But I and the staff of the site will do our best to ensure it does get seen.

I and the managers of this site reserve the right to reject any submissions to the site, based solely on our own discretion. Submitting your work does not give any guarantee that it will be posted on the site. If your peice is rejected, you will be notified of the fact. See the submission rules below for the main reasons why a peice might be rejected, however a peice may be rejected for reasons other than what are listed below. Again, acceptance or rejection is entirely up to myself or the managers of the site at our own discretion.

If a peice is accepted and posted, we also reserve the right to remove it at any time for any reason, at the sole discretion of myself or the managers of the site.

Submission Guidlines:

Short stories, poetry, longer novellettes, novels, and any other format of writing is acceptable for submission.

The following subjects or topics will NOT be accepted:

– Excessive or graph